Bionaze Oral Probiotic Supplement – 3 Billion CFU – Strawberry Flavor, 30 Ct

Bionaze Oral Probiotic Supplement – 3 Billion CFU – Strawberry Flavor, 30 Ct


Product Description:

Bionaze is an amazing, all natural probiotic consisting of two clinically studied and patented probiotic bacteria strains. Studies have shown them to be effective in reducing the negative effects of chronic ear, nose, throat and sinus issues.

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About The Product

Bionaze lozenges contain BLIS K12 and Bl-04 probiotic bacteria strains.

For Best Results: Take one lozenge twice a day after brushing teeth. Let dissolve to coat your entire mouth.

  • BACKED BY SCIENCE – Blis K12 and Bl-04 have been shown to produce effective results against bad bacteria in the mouth, ear, nose, throat and sinus.

  • PROMOTES A HEALTHY MOUTH – Our specially formulated oral probiotic introduces good bacteria to your mouth to fight chronic bad breath and support healthy gums.

  • RESPIRATORY SUPPORT – Blis K12 is a potent bacteria strain which can also promote the overall defenses in the chest and head area.

  • ADVANCED PROTECTION – Oral health is vital to your overall well-being. With just 2 dental probiotics per day you can battle common occurring problems with teeth, gums, and breath.

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Every purchase is fully backed by our top-notch staff who is empowered to make sure you’re happy.

For Optimal ENT Health

✅ Allergies
✅ Hay Fever
✅ Asthma
✅ Rhinitis
✅ Halitosis (bad breath)
✅ Post Nasal Drip
✅ Sinusitis
✅ Ear Infections